When Dr. Guthrie came here from Mayo Clinic in 1910, he brought more than just a medical bag. He also brought a belief that patients deserve a team working together, with one central focus, the patient. That's the care our patients have counted on for 100 years and the legacy that we carry forward.

My Story

  • Tyler Bauman “Dr. Sadik came to see me multiple times a day throughout my visit and it meant a lot to me“
  • Felix Stacconi “The care in the private room was excellent; the nurses… were always there in case I wanted something”
  • Jean Malwitz “There was a good collaboration between the nursing staff, the x-ray department, and Dr. Reynolds “
  • Jean Yard “Shelli (Ripic) is a very carrying, compassionate provider; she always goes the extra mile for women’s health and she’s there to support you”
  • Jessica Talada “Everyone had my best interests at heart”
  • Joyce Bonello "The medical care… it’s personal care”
  • Marie & Maurice Wild "Everybody with the program has been very encouraging"
  • Susan Peck “Guthrie did instill in me a trust in their service, in their professionalism, in their knowledge, in their compassion. I knew that I would be treated well”
  • Tammi Harrigan "They really made a difference in my life and I actually would like to become one of them someday, so that way I can make a difference in someone else’s life"
  • Ronald & Janice Shaffer "I am in remission because of the quickness that they started treating me, they didn’t put anything off."
  • Norman Bell "I would recommend Guthrie Clinic to anyone that has a problem, where they need to go into Wound Care, because they are going to get the best service you can get around this area."
  • Amy Homan "It was a team effort, so I got the right care. All of my doctors as a team at Guthrie had great communication."
  • Clyde Morris "Guthrie is superb as far as taken care of anybody. If they ever want a recommendation for me, just look me up and I’ll tell you all about it, because you can trust your lives with them."
  • Amy Romberger "This is a small town that has a huge luxury of a big hospital right in their backyard and I just hope people know how fortunate they are to have that here, that we can use."
  • Jen Manhennett "My experience with the nurses and Dr. Herbst was phenomenal."
  • Patricia Hill "Walked in there on an afternoon and said "I need an appointment with a Doctor", she gave me an appointment for that very afternoon. So I didn’t have to wait."
  • Martha Walker "I definitely feel the care that I got at Guthrie Clinic and the hospital was caring and comfortable and I would recommend to anyone to come here."
  • Jackie "Everybody cares about you; everybody wants you to be well. If I could sum up my care with Guthrie in one word, it’s fantastic!"
  • Rhoda DeSanto "As a Guthrie patient, if I had to sum up Guthrie in one word I would say "caring". I really felt like it was a family atmosphere, everybody cared about me as a person and did a great job."
  • Chris Van Allen "Everyone that I had contact with at Guthrie was really outstanding, from nurses to CNAs, all the physicians; everybody was great to me."
  • Todd Reed “It almost feels like a small family network, if a situation arises I do not feel uncomfortable, knowing that there’s somebody in the Guthrie Group that will be able to meet my needs"
  • Walter Bostwick “The physical therapy team got me up and walked every day, just down a little corridor seemed like miles, because of them I wanted to do it”
  • Mary Olisky “It doesn’t matter what your malady is or your problem is, there’s someone here and most generally a specialist to take care of it”
  • Richard Hatch “It's a team approach from the minute you walked through the door. I would recommend Guthrie to anybody”
  • Cynthia Fland “I really felt very fortunate to have that team approach because I felt like I wasn’t going from one stranger to another and retelling my problems. They all knew and were on the same page”